Sisters- just want to let you know that you do not have to wait for Tracy or Alana to add you to the list--we do this manually, it is NOT automatic. If there's room (read through comments to this post and compare), you are in this group (if not, you'll be added to the next group). We will add your name to the list as time allows. Thanks so much & WELCOME TO THE SISTERHOOD! Enjoy your new group of gf's!

*First, each sister will leave a comment on this post WITH your full blog URL, first name (and initial of your last name, or use a nickname if you prefer)*. We'll post the master list here and keep it updated.

*Second, create a new post on your blog entitled "Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers-(your group's #)." Write a little getting-to-know you fact to introduce yourself.

*Third, add everyone to your Sisterhood-(group #) blog roll (in your sidebar is a good place). Don't forget to get your badges for SBS (use your group's #)!

*Fourth, when you've got everyone added to your blog roll, go visit each sister and leave a comment. You're "official" once you are listed here on the master list and put your info on your blog, and you're nearly official if there's still room. Happy inky blogging!

If your want your friends in your group, email them a link and get them to join with you before this group fills up! 20 is the limit! (So before you add everyone to your blogroll, read comments and compare to list to make sure the group isn't full--just in case we haven't had time to update the master list. TIA.)

P.S. We're looking for a Group Admin to organize RAKs and such for your group. Just say your interested in your comment. To make life simple, once your will notice GROUP ADMIN beside your name. If anyone has questions getting their group started please feel free to contact Tracy. Thanks!

*Don't forget to add your blog URL with the "http://" included (it saves me time copying and pasting your URLs)! If your blog address is missing from your comment, I will just wait on you to post it. I don't have time to find them for myself. Sorry.

Monday, September 22, 2008



(CLOSED 10.09.08)
1. Susie R::
2. Theresa B::
3. Kristen::
4. Karen::
5. Debby B::
6. Leslie P::
7. Judy::
8. Sharon::
9. Janet::
10. Stepher::
11. Michelle G::
12. Deby::
13. Pia::
14. Vanja::
15. Joan::
16. Clara::
17. Viv::
18. Cheri::
19. Anne R::


Tracy said...

WELCOME to the Sisterhood...Susie R, Theresa B, Kristen, Karen, Debby B. & Leslie P.

NOTE: Theresa- It's tradition for the first person in each group to be the Admin unless she declines in which case I will ask you! Thanks so much for the offer!

Tsscrapin said...

No Problem just wanted to offer :)

I am so excited to be in the SBS :)

Tracy said...

It's great to see you gals get excited about joining an SBS Group!

Just wanted to let you know that I emailed Susie. I will let you know when I hear back from her...thanks again for voluteering!

kareNstampZ said...

ohh how exciting - I've started my blogroll on the side of my blog, look forward to getting to know you all

- Karen from New Zealand (down under to most of you)

Judy said...

Would love to join if possible. My blog address is:

My blog postings have been a bit erratic lately due to ill-health but this has not diminished my love of stamping.

Judy B from New Zealand (a friend of Karen - karenstampz)

Kristen said...

I am so thrilled to be a part of the SISTERHOOD. I look forward to more to come. I am on my way to post to my blog. Kristen

Sharon said...

Hi, I'd love to join.
Sharon W from Katherine, NT, Australia
I'm also happy to be Group Administrator if you still need someone.

Janet said...

I would love to join:) SOunds like fun! I am new to blogging (only a few days)..but am having fun:)
Janet Rossi

Ok off to figure out how to make this blog roll thing!! lol

Anonymous said...

I am very excited about joining! Here is my blog ladies:
off I go to create my little getting to know you fact to introduce myself! ;) wink!
Stephanie Martin Nickname:Stepher

n8tvtexan said...

Oh how cool! I would love to join! I'm new to blogging too. My blog is My name is Michelle S. Guess I need to go add everyone and post a blog now. :) This is gonna be fun!

Deby said...

Hi girls! So glad to be a part of the "sisterhood." Looking forward to getting to know all of you!

Pia said...

I am a new blogger, but I would love to join.

Pia said...

I am not sure where my link went

Anonymous said...

I don't show that I have been added yet I joined the other day my blog is

Thank you I am already getting to know many of you!

kareNstampZ said...

I think they only update the list occasionally & as long as you can see you're in the first 20 - you're IN - gets tricky towards the end, but early days for our wee group (hopefully the bestest SBS ever!)

Anonymous said...

This is so cool! I'm a new blogger, but I would love to join


This comment has been removed by the author.

As you can see I sm fairly new to bogging but I researched other car-making blogs and discovered yours. I would love to added to your group. Look forward to expanding my horizons and "repetoire"-Thank you.


Clara said...

You can never have enough stamping buddies and girlfiends! I'm joining group 25 if I can figure out how to do it. :)

Clara said...

I believe I was supposed to leave my blog URL in my initial email.


kareNstampZ said...

Only 4 spots to go!!!

Viv's Visuals said...

Would love to join...don't have any real life sisters!
Blog is

Need to go sort out how to put it on my blog now!!!!

Tracy said...

Hi Ladies! WELCOME TO THE SISTERHOOD! WOW a girl gets sick for a week and the group almost becomes FULL! Sorry I have been MIA but the bed & fever got the best of me...thankfully, I am on the mend now.

So happy to see all you new ladies join up! In case you didn't notice you have a Group Admin (thank you!). ENJOY your group!

Hugs & Blessings! :o)

Anonymous said...

Hello Ladies,
I would love to join Group #25 of the Sisterhood as soon as I can figure out how to add my name to the list.
I go by Cheri and you can visit me at
Now I guess I need to try and figure out the rest of this and how to put the logo on my blog.
Hugz to all :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm just like the majority of other ladies in this group so I guess we all belong together. Here is my complete web address


kareNstampZ said...

TWO MORE SPOTS TO GO......and we're full

Tracy said...

WELCOME CHERI! Almost time to close this group out!!! Have a great weekend sisters!

Anne said...

I'd love to be part of the group please, I've not been blogging long but I'm very keen!

My Blog is

Looking forward to having sisters :)

Anne R

Bootybella said...


Bootybella said...

Oh look at me....I look like a real snot, not leaving anything about me in my first post - LOL!!! I love blogging, rather new to it, and I am not a snot! LOL! I love stamping, card making, altering projects & drinkn' fine wine & sensational martini's!!! I am looking forward to getting this blogroll thing going and meeting all my sassy sistah's! ~MWAH~

kareNstampZ said...

We're full!

Janet said...

so now what?? lol

Judy said...

What a lovely group we make! So nice to meet you all and thanks for all the lovely comments you have left on my blog. My apologies for not having reciprocated to all but will get there eventually. Have checked most of you out though and am very impressed.

Susie said...

Ok ladies looks like we are full....Emailed Tracy about group admin. I wanted to hand it over to the next person in line however think she might busy. So, I think I it for now. I will be contacting all you ladies within the next week to get started ok.


Monique said...

If the group isn't full I would love to join, going to post on my blog and all the other stuff too as soon as I know I am accepted. I am a little confused.
Monique M.


Monique said...

Okay I added everyone to a blog roll, now I am off to comment on everyones blogs, this is fuN!

Susie said...

I think we are full 20 is the max for each group

kareNstampZ said...

Monique you'll be in SBS 26 & the administrator as you're No. 1 for the new groups. I'll definitely pop over & say hi on your blog though.

Tracy said...

Hi Ladies...the group has been closed out.

Monique you will begin the new group. Please let me know if you DO NOT want to be the Group Admin.

Which is the best color for an SBS badge? (Choose up to 2)