Sisters- just want to let you know that you do not have to wait for Tracy or Alana to add you to the list--we do this manually, it is NOT automatic. If there's room (read through comments to this post and compare), you are in this group (if not, you'll be added to the next group). We will add your name to the list as time allows. Thanks so much & WELCOME TO THE SISTERHOOD! Enjoy your new group of gf's!

*First, each sister will leave a comment on this post WITH your full blog URL, first name (and initial of your last name, or use a nickname if you prefer)*. We'll post the master list here and keep it updated.

*Second, create a new post on your blog entitled "Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers-(your group's #)." Write a little getting-to-know you fact to introduce yourself.

*Third, add everyone to your Sisterhood-(group #) blog roll (in your sidebar is a good place). Don't forget to get your badges for SBS (use your group's #)!

*Fourth, when you've got everyone added to your blog roll, go visit each sister and leave a comment. You're "official" once you are listed here on the master list and put your info on your blog, and you're nearly official if there's still room. Happy inky blogging!

If your want your friends in your group, email them a link and get them to join with you before this group fills up! 20 is the limit! (So before you add everyone to your blogroll, read comments and compare to list to make sure the group isn't full--just in case we haven't had time to update the master list. TIA.)

P.S. We're looking for a Group Admin to organize RAKs and such for your group. Just say your interested in your comment. To make life simple, once your will notice GROUP ADMIN beside your name. If anyone has questions getting their group started please feel free to contact Tracy. Thanks!

*Don't forget to add your blog URL with the "http://" included (it saves me time copying and pasting your URLs)! If your blog address is missing from your comment, I will just wait on you to post it. I don't have time to find them for myself. Sorry.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

SBS Group 21: CLOSED & FULL!


1. Jane:: Group Admin
2. Karen B::
3. Pat::
4. Sam::
5. Sandra M::
6. Ramsey Stepp::
7. Beth G::
8. Caitlin B::
9. Fabrizio::
10. Dawny P::
11. Nicky::
12. Mira D::
13. Heather::
14. Jo B::
15. Mary C::
16. Barbara H::
17. De::
18. Tiffany::
19. Erica::
20. Trinka::


Tracy said...


If you would like to join- please post your first name and blog address below. PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION POST ABOVE!

Pat at Best Friends said...

My name is Pat and I would like to join this group please.My blog is at

Jane said...

Hey welcome Pat, I am looking forward to this going ahead and filling up.
That means there are 3 of us joined so far.

Tracey, I am sure that you picked it up from my last post, but I am happy to volunteer if nobody else wishes too!

Jane x

Sammee said...

Hi I would like to join this group I am Sam and my blog is at

Mummy LOL said...

Hi I would like to join if you are happy to have a New Zealander on board

Sandra M

Ramsey said...

I would love to join too! My name is Ramsey Stepp and my blog is

Beth Gruenke Angel #2906 said...

Hi, I would like to join as well. My name is Beth G. and my blog site is

Caitlin B. said...

Hi there! I would like to join as well. My name is Caitlin B. and I'm Karen B.'s Daughter.

My blog is:

Fabrizio said...

Hello ! I don't mind being called a 'Sistah', would you mind accepting a guy in your group #21, please ?

Fabrizio M but you can call me Fab or Fabyon

Fabrizio's Blog

Dawny P said...

Hi there peeps. I would love to join this fab group. My name is Dawny (or Dawny P) and my blog is

Hugs xx

Nicky said...

I'm Nicky and would love to be a part of this group. My blog is


Fabrizio said...

I'm ever so sorry just realised I did my link clickable which ain't right.

Here's my full link for my blog:

Mira's place said...


I'm Mira D. and would like to join the sisterhood...

blog address is:

Heather said...

Hi, I'm Heather and would love to join the group.
My blog address is

Jane said...

Hey Fabrizo it sure is OK to have you in our group, honorary Sister indeed. It looks like our team is just about formed girls, please bare with me and I will visit all your blogs, I am looking forward to palying and supporting each other.

Fabrizio said...

Thanks Jane, I'm aware that Tracy and Alana are very busy so kept looking if my name would be added ! LOL I'll visit all the blogs later on...our group is the best ! wink

KarenB said...

Hi all - I have added you all to my blog roll as of this comment!!! I've also tried to visit each of you already - look forward to playing along with you!!!

Joanne said...

Hi, i would love to join! My name is Jo B, and my blog is

or click Here

Mare said...

My name is Mary C., my friends call me Mare. I'd love to be a part of this group. I hail from Washington, USA.

Mare said...

Ooops! Thanks, Jo, for letting me know I posted the wrong blog addy. Shame on me!!!

Here's the correct one:


Mare said...

Alrighty, I'm counting 16 in our group. I understand the list isn't complete, yet, but I just gleamed blog addresses from other's sites and the messages posted here. I just hope I didn't leave anyone out. Please chime in if I did!

Can't wait to hear from everyone!


Barbara said...

Hello from a fellow stamping scrapper that wants to join this sistah-hood. My name is Barbara H and my blog address is:
All of you have a marvelous weekend and get plenty of ink on your fingers! ;-)

Mare said...

Now we have 17! Almost there!!!! My suggestion is that if anyone new joins, instead of scrolling through all these comments, just go to one of our blogs in get the complete membership there. Currently, I have mine list up to date but I am going out of town on Sunday and may not be able to check as often. I am planning on taking my computer with me. Once we have 20, any others who list themselves in this group will be moved to #22.


KarenB said...

OK girls, we are officially at 16 (Mare you have Dawny twice on your list) so we have room for 4 more!!! I have everyone updated to this post on my blog in no particular order but close to the order as you signed up.

I look forward to being inspired by and hopefully throwing a little inspiration your way as well!!!

Mare said...

Yep, you're right, Karen. I was doubling Dawny. Got to thinking, though, that having a double would mean she could get twice as much done.....

Anyway, I have the same number as everyone else, now.

Off to check others' sites...


KarenB said...

LOL Mare, I wish that was the case then I'd have you put me down 4 or 5 times!!! Seems I never have enough time to do everything I want!!!

De said...

Is it too late? Barbara referred me here!

My name is De an my blog is:


Tiffany Johnson said...

Mare just told me about this group!!!!! I would love to join :)

I hope there's room!

Erica said... it too late to join? I'll join!!! Thanks.

Erica said...

forgot my blog addy.

i am erica, in CO....ctmh rep but love all crafty supplies with my whole heart!

Tiffany Johnson said...


I've switched your from one blog roll to the!!!! YAY!

Trinka said...

Hi I am Trinka and would also love to join this great group.

my blog is

Thank you!

Mare said...

Welcome Erica and Trinka!!! We now have 20 in our group! If anyone else signs up they will be part of Group #22!!!!!

I'm sure Tracy will post this list, give up a logo, and start the next when ever she get back from her vacation or where ever she is!

Jane is our administrator!



Cindy Vernon said...

I am interested in joining the group - but it looks like I'll be in Group 22!
Cindy V
As soon as SBS Group22 opens I will post on my blog!

Becky said...

I would like to join also, watching for next group to start.

Anne said...

I am interested! Looks like group 22 is for me too!

Tracy said...

Oh yeah another group full! I thought about checking this today but then my meds zapped me out for the afternoon. So finally I am here now. Trinka makes the last one to join this group...looks like three to start a new group. Thanks for being so patient girls (and Fab)!

Fabrizio said...

Don't worry Tracy, don't get me started about Meds ! LOL

Erica said...

ok....i tried to get everyone added, but some of the blogs will not allow me to add them...soemthing about a feed? anyone have any ideas? if you go to my blog & don't see your name let me know & I'll try & readd them later.

Fabrizio said...

Erica, one address was wrong is the correct one. There was a dot missing before blogspot.

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