Sisters- just want to let you know that you do not have to wait for Tracy or Alana to add you to the list--we do this manually, it is NOT automatic. If there's room (read through comments to this post and compare), you are in this group (if not, you'll be added to the next group). We will add your name to the list as time allows. Thanks so much & WELCOME TO THE SISTERHOOD! Enjoy your new group of gf's!

*First, each sister will leave a comment on this post WITH your full blog URL, first name (and initial of your last name, or use a nickname if you prefer)*. We'll post the master list here and keep it updated.

*Second, create a new post on your blog entitled "Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers-(your group's #)." Write a little getting-to-know you fact to introduce yourself.

*Third, add everyone to your Sisterhood-(group #) blog roll (in your sidebar is a good place). Don't forget to get your badges for SBS (use your group's #)!

*Fourth, when you've got everyone added to your blog roll, go visit each sister and leave a comment. You're "official" once you are listed here on the master list and put your info on your blog, and you're nearly official if there's still room. Happy inky blogging!

If your want your friends in your group, email them a link and get them to join with you before this group fills up! 20 is the limit! (So before you add everyone to your blogroll, read comments and compare to list to make sure the group isn't full--just in case we haven't had time to update the master list. TIA.)

P.S. We're looking for a Group Admin to organize RAKs and such for your group. Just say your interested in your comment. To make life simple, once your will notice GROUP ADMIN beside your name. If anyone has questions getting their group started please feel free to contact Tracy. Thanks!

*Don't forget to add your blog URL with the "http://" included (it saves me time copying and pasting your URLs)! If your blog address is missing from your comment, I will just wait on you to post it. I don't have time to find them for myself. Sorry.

Monday, June 30, 2008


Welcome to the SISTERHOOD Ladies...Enjoy your group!

Please let me know if there is any information that is posted incorrectly. Thanks so much!

1. Tessa:: Group Admin
2. Jodi::
3. Jackie::
4. Carol::
5. Cynthia::
6. Anesha::
7. Phree::
8. Jacqueline::
9. Ann::
10. Chrissie::
11. Wendy::
12. Beryl::
13. Rachel::
14. Fiona::
15. Janette::
16. Leona::
17. Denise::
18. Jenny::
19. Nikki::
20. Sam::


Tracy said...


It's end of month at work for me which means crazy running and mad billing...end result. I can barely see the screen. I am trying to stay awake long enough to finish starting this group tonight...but if I crash on the computer...I will be back tomorrow. PLEASE be patient. Thanks so much! Blessings, T~

Tracy said...

WHOO HOO!!! I finished it up tonight...after going through a ton of comments. I got it all straight. THANKS AGAIN for joining and WELCOME!

FYI: I will not get a chance to check the comments until Wednesday or Thursday. I have plans with my kiddos and then church. So if you don't see me for a few days...don't worry just read the instructions and you'll be fine. Thanks!

Ann Whitfield said...

Hi, I've been sent your link by Cynthia and would like to join if possible. My name is Ann and this is my URL:
I hope I'm in time for 20!

Chrissie said...

Hi everyone, I too have been sent your link by Cynthia and I'd love to join you if there's any room left!
I'm Chrissie and my URL is:

Carol said...

Hi Tracy

Thanks for updating the lists.

Hope work pace slows, enjoy your family days

Carol :0)

craftypixie said...

Hi ive been sent your link from Ann I would like to join if there is room for me
My name is Wendy and this is my URL IS:

Beryl said...

I've been sent your link by Cynthia and would love to join in.
Here's my URL
Beryl xx

Loopy said...

Hi I am not quite sure how this works but I would love to join and learn any new tips for my crafting, I need as much inspiration and tips as possible lol also it would e great to have a group of like minded folks as friends. Loopy AKA:Rachel

Fiona Whitehead said...

I'd like to join please - I have two blogs - one just for stampin up - and one is my general one -

Jodi said...

We are up to 14 now.

Janette said...

Hiya,,,My name is Janette not sure how I got here but I have seen these badges and would like to be part of the fun.
is my blog.

Please let me know if I was successful
Janette ( UK )

Phree said...

Hi everyone, great to see that SBS 20 got started - some of us posted first in the SBS 19 thread. Looking forward to getting to know my new sisters and sharing inspiration. Do we have a Group Admin volunteer yet? If not I would be happy to volunteer.

Rainbow Lady said...

Janette makes 15 now.
Everyone so far listed on my blog
Love Cynthia x

craftypixie said...

ohh this is getting exciting now
Ive messed up my sisterhood list on my blog girls sorryyyyy i will put it right tomorow hmmm dumb blonde i am lolol,
Night night see you all tomorow
Wendy xx

Leona said...

Hi Ladies would love to join ikn with this, i have seen this on a few sites but never looked into it glad i did as it looks fabby, what a fantastic idea... i take it i have to do everyhting that it says on the list or do i wait for my name to be put onto the list.. hummmm

anyway my real name is Leona and my addy is

Hugs Leona x x

Loopy said...

Can anyone I have missed out on my sbs list just let me know and I will add you right away, I get fibro fog lol. I am so excited to be a part of this sisterhood.

Lavender Rose said...

Ooops I just left a comment in the wrong place, sorry!!!! I would however love to join group 20! Thanks to Cynthia for the invite. My blog details are:

Rainbow Lady said...

3 more places left in my counting. Please correct me if I am wrong ladies
Love Cynthia x

Carol said...

Yes I agree!!

Carol :0)

Jenny, said...

Hi everyone, I was given the link by Phree...hope I'm lucky enough to be added.
My blog addy is:
Hope I've given all that is needed.

Phree said...

Only 2 more now as we have jenny :)

Rainbow Lady said...

I agree Phree then we are full up lol
Love Cynthia x

purple_nikki said...

I was sent this link by my friend Jo.
My blog is


can I join too?


A Latte Stampin said...
Would love to join also, secretly have blog stalked most of you for a while.Now I have started my own, so it's very new.
Thanks Sam

Jacqueline Tr├ęsBella said...

Are we full? if we count nikki and a latte, that makes 20? or did I count wrong?


Loopy said...

Opps I forgot to add my real name....Rachel

Carol said...




Carol said...


Tracy we have 2 Admin volunters to date Tessa and Phree -


Rainbow Lady said...

That's it everyone is now linked to my blog. Look forward to seeing you ladies.
Love Cynthia x

craftypixie said...

Ok you are all added to my blog
Lets go girls!! :)
Wendy xx

Jane said...

Hi my name is Jane, I'm in the UK, I have seen the sisters on loads of blogs and thought it time I checked it out, looking good so far. I am looking forward to meeting new stampers and learning new tips, techniques from the massive talent out there.
I am happy to volunteer if nobody else wants too!
I can be found at

Jane x

Phree said...

I count 20 now with Sam. Jane that makes you the 21st - don't loose heart, once the admins for this blog catch up they will open SBS 21 and they move applicants from the previous group who applied after it was full into the next group so keep checking back because I am sure they will open SBS 21 within the next few days. Meantime you can spread the word with stamping friends and tell them how to sign up.

Tessa said...

YAY! Looks like Group 20 is full! I posted about being the group Admin - Tracy is that ok?

KarenB said...

Hi, I see this group is full but I'd love to be considered for the next group!!!

My name is Karen, I'm a stamper, scrapper and alterer!!!

My blog is:

Look forward to getting involved with this and finding out more!!!

Tracy said...

Ok this group is full! WOWZERS that went fast! Thanks for the help ladies and for the sweet comments. I do truly appreciate it.

I have two ladies going to start Group 21. I will set that up soon...first I must grab a bite to eat.

Tracy said...

I believe it was Tessa that asked to be Group Admin first...please verify and if so, Tessa will be the GA. Tessa I'm sure can find it in her heart to allow Phree to assist her from time to time.

Thanks so much ladies!

Carol said...

Thanks Tracy!!

Hope all's well,don't work too hard.

Take Care

Phree said...

Thanks Tracy, Tessa is welcome to be GA - I simply had not seen her post as it was orginally made in the SBS 19 comments thread. Only reason I offered was because I had not seen anyone posting to volunteer in the SBS 20 thread.

Lavender Rose said...

Sorry Tracy, my name is Denise!!!

Tracy said...

Thanks Denise!

Thank You for the sweet peppy posts carol-your such a sweetheart!

Phree- totally understand getting lost in these posts...there has been many posts to sort through lately...thanks so much for offering!

Rainbow Lady said...

Tracy when do we get our badges pretty please?
I know you are busy so not really nagging you I promise lol
Love Cynthia x

Leona said...

LOL Cynthia i was wondering that to..... are we having our own blog aswell iykwim i think other sisters have that where they have challenges and swaps etc....dnt mean to put my foot in it as i know im not admin but just wondering if we are..... Hugs Leona x x

Phree said...

We do need an update please Tracy, and some input from Tessa as she was so keen to be our GA - I guess the question is what happens next? Are we creating an SBS 20 blog, or a yahoo/MSN group or what? What do the other members on SBS 20 want? I am assuming I am not the only member wondering about this.

Leona said...

No your not s i didnt like to post firs but it was making my mind boggle as i have read about the other groups and they do so well..... i leave it up to tessa though....... i havent heard from her at all :(

Phree said...

SBS 20 now has a group site, it's a private group and you will need an invite to join. I have comment moderation enabled on my blog which means you can leave me a comment with your e-mail address which I will NOT publish but will use to send you an invite to join the group.

It seems we need someone to take on the role of GA and I have decided I will do this for now as I have to assume that right now Tessa does not have the time to be GA.

Rainbow Lady said...

Tracey I am not happy with what is happening here and am withdrawing from this group from today.
You will have heard from Tessa I am sure, if not you will be doing so shortly.
Love Cynthia x

Leona said...

OH dear sorry to see you go cynthia....maybe this wasnt for youor maybe it is beacause the group hasnt formed that well i dont really know...anyway take care Leona x x

Loopy said...

I don't see the need to leave all we want is to keep things on the go while our GA is busy or indisposed, I am sorry if you do leave Cynthia it would be a shame to loose any of our sisters.

Rainbow Lady said...

Please do not make any comments on my leaving. I am unhappy with the way things have been handled and I have decided to leave and that is that.
Love Cynthia x

Phree said...

I have to agree. I, along with several others, am unhappy about how things have been handled, however the way to deal with that is to take some postive action to make it better for the majority - that happened. There is room for all of us and no reason why we cannot get the group active in an amiable way and then resolve any questions about who will be doing what. Stagnation was killing people's interest in SBS 20, I know it was kiling mine. I was considering pulling out and asking to move into SBS 21 in the hope that it would be the sort of group that was active and encouraged it's members. It's a shame you have decided you don't want to be a part of that, but that is your right to choose.

Chrissie said...

Hi Tracey and everyone,
Just a quick message to let you know that I have decided to withdraw from the group.
As you may all know I have quite a lot of worry with my mum at the moment and I just can't deal with all that's going on.
I wish the SBS20 group well but I no longer wish to be a part of it.
lol Chrissie

Ann Whitfield said...

Hi Tracy and everyone,
I'm afraid that I, too, have decided to withdraw from the group. I have a lot going on at present which I had hoped would ease off soon if I could hang in for a couple of weeks but with all that's going on it's just adding to it and that isn't what it should be about. I hope the group is successful and not being a part of it won't stop me visiting to enjoy some really wonderful work.
Ann x

craftypixie said...

hi Tracey and others i am sorry but im afraid i will be leaving the group,its not how i thought it would be and i also do not have the time at the moment as i have health issues at home etc
good luck to you all and im sorry

Leona said...

Hi all i am also with drawing from this group as i feel that it has got off to a bad start and would like to re join on another sistahs group so as of toady i am with draing from sbs20 and joining a new Group...

Hugs Loena x

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