Sisters- just want to let you know that you do not have to wait for Tracy or Alana to add you to the list--we do this manually, it is NOT automatic. If there's room (read through comments to this post and compare), you are in this group (if not, you'll be added to the next group). We will add your name to the list as time allows. Thanks so much & WELCOME TO THE SISTERHOOD! Enjoy your new group of gf's!

*First, each sister will leave a comment on this post WITH your full blog URL, first name (and initial of your last name, or use a nickname if you prefer)*. We'll post the master list here and keep it updated.

*Second, create a new post on your blog entitled "Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers-(your group's #)." Write a little getting-to-know you fact to introduce yourself.

*Third, add everyone to your Sisterhood-(group #) blog roll (in your sidebar is a good place). Don't forget to get your badges for SBS (use your group's #)!

*Fourth, when you've got everyone added to your blog roll, go visit each sister and leave a comment. You're "official" once you are listed here on the master list and put your info on your blog, and you're nearly official if there's still room. Happy inky blogging!

If your want your friends in your group, email them a link and get them to join with you before this group fills up! 20 is the limit! (So before you add everyone to your blogroll, read comments and compare to list to make sure the group isn't full--just in case we haven't had time to update the master list. TIA.)

P.S. We're looking for a Group Admin to organize RAKs and such for your group. Just say your interested in your comment. To make life simple, once your will notice GROUP ADMIN beside your name. If anyone has questions getting their group started please feel free to contact Tracy. Thanks!

*Don't forget to add your blog URL with the "http://" included (it saves me time copying and pasting your URLs)! If your blog address is missing from your comment, I will just wait on you to post it. I don't have time to find them for myself. Sorry.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

SBS Group 2: FULL!!!

Each group member will create a new post entitled "Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers-2." Write a little getting-to-know you fact. Each group member will leave a comment right here on this SBS2 post WITH your blog address. Then add everyone to your blog roll with the acronym SBS2. I will post the master list here and keep it updated. Don't forget to get your badges for SBS2! As soon as you're up and running, go leave a comment on each of your sister's blogs. Happy inking and blogging!

1. Tracy :: (GROUP ADMIN)
2. Catherine ::
3. Sara ::
4. Lori ::
5. Lynn ::
6. Savitri ::
7. AnnMarie ::
8. Karyn::
9. Kathleen::
11. Ruth::
12. Melissa::
13. Magallanes::
14. Crissy::
16. Alex:: http://
17. Lori::
18. Tina::
19. Michelle::
20. Sandy::
21. Alana::
22. Samantha::
23. Elaine::
24. Betsy::
26. Cathrine::
27. Crystal:: (NEW)
28. Becky:: (NEW)
29. Carol:: (NEW)
30. Maria:: (NEW)





Savitri - love your blog design and your work - clean and classic, simple and sophisticated.

kathleenh said...

I'd like to join the Sisterhood. My blog address is

Thanks! Kathleen

Savitri said...

I'm glad you guys are joining this group. It's so fun to see what you all do and how you evolve. Keep it up! Catherine, thanks for the comment! :D

jenn* said...

ohhhhh, i wanna play, too! can i, can i??
my blog addy is:

let me know what else i need to do!


Ruth Newman said...

I would love to join the Sisterhood. I have a blog but have not updated it since July when my dear furry child was diagnosed with cancer and I had to put him to sleep. :(

I think this is definitely what I need to get back into blogging and stamping.

My blog is

Melissa M. M. M. said...

I'd love to join. I'm an avid blogger and blog-stalker, lol. Thanks for putting this together! :0) Mel

mommy magallanes said...

I would love to join too! I had stopped blogging for awhile, but I miss it. My blog is

Crissy said...

I would like to join this group too! I am really looking forward to getting to know you guys.
My blog is:

"See" you soon!

Ruth Newman said...

Good morning, ladies!

I was trying to leave comments on some of your blogs and noticed some do not have the comments feature enabled. I CAN'T TALK TO YOU!! LOL *sigh*

Please make sure you go to your blogger dashboard, Go to settings, then click on comments, make sure "show" is checked, and that "anyone" can leave a comment.

We won't be able to chat unless you do!!! :)

There's my tip for the day...maybe even the week. :)

The Lucky Clucker said...

I think this is a terrific idea!! My address is
Now what?

Tracy said...

K, all you newbie Siestas I got you added to the group! It's going to be a blast GTKY! Have fun perusing everyone's blogs!

Alex said...

OOoh what a super cool idea, count me in please, my blog is thank you for organising this, its a wonderful idea

Lori said...

This sounds like lots of fun. I'd love to join in if there's still room in this group. My blog address is

Tina said...

I´m come from germany but i would to join the Sisterhood! I hve found you by "Stampin´ when I can" and I love this wonderful idea!

My blog adress is:

Hugs from Tina

Tracy said...

WE now have 18 in the group...Be sure to add all the new bloggers to your SBS2 Blogroll! Thanks ladies ;0)

~Michelle~ said...

Hi! I'd love to join since I'm new to the blogging world!

Looking forward to getting to know you all!

paulssandy said...

I would like to join :) my web addy is

I do need to know what a blogroll is if I am going to add it to my site. I can do the widget thing OK, but not sure what a blogroll is.

Godchick said...

I like to join! What a neat idea! My blog is

Wife2TJ said...

I would love to join as well. My blog is

Thanks! -Samantha

Tracy said...

Yip Yip SIESTAS! WE have 22 members in our group...if you have friends you want in this group better get them over here post haste...we will be full in no time.

All the new ladies have been added...Update thos blogrolls once again PLUEASE! Soon we will be done with that part then we can just ENJOY!

Tracy said...

Oh in case you didn't notice...this is sort of my marker so I know where to begin adding when I pop back on. *grin*

Maybe I shouldn't share my dirty little secrets. *rolls eyes*

Tracy said...


If you are reading this and you have not heard from me via SCS, email, or your blog...I am trying to contact everyone in this group. Please PM me on SCS so I can get some info to username is stampin-sunnychick.


Quixotic said...

Would love to join the Sisterhood!


Tracy - Didn't know how else to contact you. Tried to respond to your PM on SCS, but your mailbox if full and it won't accept anymore messages. Let us know when it's safe again! LOL
Love ya, Sistah!

Betsy said...

I'd love to join the sisterhood, what a great idea!

Blog address:


Tracy said...


So sorry about that. It's safe now. It's been a busy month! *grin*

Tracy said...

Elaine and Betsy I have you added to the group...PLEASE PM me on SCS so I can get some information to you...thanks so much!


So sorry about that full-inbox bus.

Flossie's Follies said...

What great fun, sign me up.

Cathrine StClair said...

If there is still room, I'd like to join. My blog is:

This might get me back on my regular blog postings!

Tracy said...

Cathrine and Flossie's Follies I have added you to the group! Thanks so much...Please let me know what your name is Flossie.

Miss C. said...

This is a great idea. I would love to join. My blog address is


Bouncy, Flouncy, Fun,Fun, Fun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bouncy, Flouncy, Fun,Fun, Fun said...

I would love to join the group. My blog address is:

Thanks, Becky

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I would love to join the Sisterhood! Is there still room for me?

I'm Carol, and I'm at:

I'm a/k/a ScrapMomOf2 on other sites. This sounds fun!

Maria said...

Sign me up! I would love to join the group! It'll be fun to be part of a sisterhood!


My blog address:

April Hall said...

I would love to join!


Teresa said...

I also would love to join

Melanie S said...

Is SBS2 full? If not, i'd like to join. My blog addy is:



Deborah said...

Hi, I would love to participate and join in this nice group! Deb

Katie Skiff said...

I would love to join!!

Katie Skiff

Chris (cdjkssss on SCS) said...

Sure, I'll play! My blog:

Tracy said...

WE ARE FULL, FULL, FULL!!! Head on over to SBS3 now ladies...I may have a few here that need to move to that group as well...I will update after church. THANKS SO MUCH! I am SO EXCITED TO HAVE ANOTHER SBS GROUP FULL!

Hugs, Tracy

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